Do you guarantee that the KO cells will not express the protein? 

No. CRISPR-Cas9-based knockouts result from the introduction of frameshifts that lead to premature stop codons, but this process does not always fully eliminate protein expression and function. It has also been shown that aberrant protein products may result from the edition driven by CRISPR-Cas9. What we always confirm is that the frameshifts have been introduced in all alleles and that the design of the edition maximizes the chances of producing a protein knockout, but only a Western blot will confirm that this goal was achieved.  

Do you guarantee that the reporter in my fusion protein will be detected?  

No. The detection of a reporter protein fused to another protein depends on several factors that we cannot manipulate easily, such as the expression levels of the gene and the stability of both the transcript and the fusion protein. We only confirm that the knockin has been introduced in the right place and in the right reading frame.  

Nevertheless, we are committed to maximizing the chances of successful detection. We achieve this through careful linker selection and case-by-case project customization. We work closely with you, guiding and being guided by your expertise, to develop the optimal construct that aligns with your specific research objectives. Your active involvement in the process maximizes the probability that the final product meets your expectations and research requirements effectively. 

What happens if you fail to meet the deadline or to produce the cell line? 

Those scenarios are addressed on the Budget & Agreement page 

Do I get a discount if you become coauthors in my publication(s)? 

Absolutely! At Genetagus, we offer fully customizable gene editing solutions. We understand the importance of your research needs, and we are open to working with the cell lines you provide. In fact, that’s how we prefer to work. Our team is dedicated to collaborating with you throughout the process, and we are more than willing to discuss and help develop the tools required for your specific project. Your research goals are our priority, and we are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements. 

Is Genetagus interested in joining grant applications by networks of labs requiring a company as a partner? 

Absolutely. GENETAGUS is registered at the European Commission and holds a PIC number. We would study with great care and interest any proposal to join a network that could bring human resources, funding, or new clients to our company.