Price comparison (values from 2023) of companies A, B, C, D, E and F with Genetagus on regular and iPSC cell lines:

Terms and conditions:

1. The client pays 40% of the service upfront (non refundable*). The remaining 60% when the clones or bulk cultures are ready to be shipped. In the case of the “Do it yourself kit” option, the client pays the remaining 60% when the reagents are ready to be shiped.

2. If we fail to deliver the clones or cultures within the agreed time with the client, we are obliged to provide evidence that the planned tasks were performed and that different attempts were tried to surmount the technical problems.

    •  In case of failure to transfect the cells, we’ll show evidence of the attempts using electroporation (Amaxa and/or Neon), calcium phosphate transfection and cationic lipid-mediated transfection (e.g. lipofectamine).
    • In case of failure to introduce Cas9-dependent breaks in the locus, we’ll show evidence of trials using the first set of gRNAs and an extra set of gRNAs, if more are available
    • In case of failure to insert an SNP or sequence, we’ll show genotyping evidence and trials using a different template DNA (e.g. oligos and single-stranded rAAV).
    • In case of failure to isolate single clones, we’ll report the problems during the limiting dilution step.
    • If the gene is essential for cell viability, we only deliver heterozygous knockout clones and the project must be fully paid, even if the initial goal was to produce homozygous clones.

3. If we exhausted the included tasks and failed to deliver the clones or cultures within six months but we believe the problem is solvable using technology not included in the original package, we’ll readjust the budget and make a new proposal.

4. The project starts when the upfront payment has been received and the cell line sent by the client has been expanded and mycoplasm tested. If the cells are positive for mycoplasm the client needs to provide a new batch of clean cells.

5. You’ll receive a paragraph that will include a reference to our service and the relevant papers. You’ll include this paragraph in the materials and methods of your manuscript(s) and you may change the style and content, but always keeping the references to the service and the papers. 


*The only scenario leading to the reimbursement of the full upfront payment is our failure to show evidence of the work we promised to do.