We can handle the following cell types:

  • Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs): We have edited several iPSCs keeping the cells undifferentiated. 
  • Regular cell lines: These include adherent and suspension cultures of immortalized differentiated cells that grow in unexpensive medium such as complete RPMI or DMEM, among others.
  • Murine embryonic stem cells (ES cells):  We can edit murine ES cells to generate knockin and knockout mice (not included).
  • Primary cells: We can handle but is recommend the “Do it yourself kit” option to avoid losing precious time with shipping given that these are short-lived cultures.




Source of the cells and shipping:

Option 1: The desired cells are purchased from ATCC by you and shipped directly to us. You would then receive the edited cells, control cell and original ATCC cell (untouched).

Option 2: If the above option is not interesting or applicable,  you send us the cells that you already have in your lab. Please include at least two >5 million-cell vials per cell line. Note: if your budget is small, you may choose to ship the cells at room temperature using our protocol

 **All shipments are paid by the clients.