Genetagus goes global campaign – take advantage of our limited offer!

At Genetagus we strive to offer affordable and customizable CRISPR editing and have a strong client base in Europe and the US. We are pleased to announce we are expanding our services to researchers across the world with an advanced product for cell preservation and storage called CytoStor™ .

Genetagus is dedicated to reducing the risks and costs associated with the shipment of customer samples. In many parts of the world, dry ice remains the most popular way of transporting cells, but it is high cost (see table below) and there’s a risk to the quantity and viability of the samples during shipment. Alternatives, such as mobile incubators, can be both expensive and impractical. A more appealing solution is to transport cells at room temperature in 100% fetal bovine serum or using hydrogels such as CytoStor™ from Atelerix Ltd.

In an agreement between Genetagis and Atelerix Ltd., Genetagus is launching a campaign to support clients worldwide (Europe, USA, and Canada are excluded from this offer). The first 5 new clients will receive a free volume of CytoStor™ from Genetagus and all transport costs will be covered including the shipping of clients’ cells to Genetagus and the edited cells back to the client*. This offer is applicable to clients that order a fully outsourced service from Genetagus before December 31, 2023.

CytoStor™ is an innovative hydrogel-based product developed by Atelerix Ltd. It is extremely simple to use, cells are mixed witha gel solution and then added to a vial containing gelation beads. After waiting a few minutes, the gel will cure in situ encapsulating the cells. The vial is sealed and shipped at room temperature without any further human intervention before it reaches its final destination. (Fig. 1) Once it reaches its destination adding a gentle release buffer causes the gel to dissolve, releasing the cells and they are ready to use. CytoStor™ preserves cells for up to 9 days  (preservation time is dependent on cell type and for further information about our specific cell type please contact

Reduced Shipping Costs

CytoStor™ is compatible with shipping to Genetagus from anywhere in the world. Several independent teams have reported excellent results, which you can read about here. The reduction in shipping costs is spectacular, clients can save between 78% to 91% of total shipping costs per project (Table and Fig. 2 ).

Table. Costs are based on Fedex costs and the price of CytoStor™*, for a single CRISPR editing project (blue boxes), in which the client sends 2 vials of the same cell line and receives 2 edited clones, and 2 control clones. The green boxes indicate the costs of a single shipment when the client sends cell lines for 2 or 3 projects at the same time. The prices of dry ice and the temperature-regulated box (which can be recycled) are not included. *Assumes the client purchases a CytoStor medium pack size (CS-SNS-06) and Genetagus uses the king size pack (CS-SNS-50) to send back the clones.

Genetagus has the best prices in the Western World for gene editing and we look forward to supporting our expanding customer base. We are certain you will be satisfied with the service provided and you will become a regular client. To show their support, Atelerix Ltd. are offering a 15% discount on clients’ future purchases of CytoStor™ using the code genetagus15.

Paula Madeira

Paula Madeira

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